Oranje Fonds supports Breedeley project with 35.000 euro.
The Breedeley project has recently been offered financial support to a maximum of 35.000 euros by the Oranje Fonds (Orange Fund). The money is to be spent for installing a kitchen and furnishing the common living room. The Breedeley-project is an initiative by parents of young people with a slight mental handicap with the aim to provide a protected living environment where their children can live with the help of an institution providing care and support. Shortly the group will move into one of the buildings in Molenstaete, the new construction project of housing cooperation Laurentius in the Pels Rijcken Park in Breda. In this building each of the 8 residents will have his/her own apartment and additionally there will be a 9th apartment which will be converted into a common living room and kitchen. With help of the staff they will cook and eat here together and drink coffee and tea. This room therefore also contributes to the prevention of loneliness and social isolation of the individuals.
Care and support will be provided by personnel of the deBreedonk, the foundation that will exploit the new Molenstaete complex and provide extramural care in elderly people’s homes  as well as exploit a nursing home complex at site. Although these groups of people will live in separate buildings, it is the first time, as far as is known, that this combination of care and support for young and elderly people is combined. This combination also aims to reduce the cost of support, particularly during the night.
The board of the Breedeley foundation and of course also the parents of our group of youngsters are very grateful to the Oranje Fonds for the generous financial support which they are offering. With this support the realisation of the so very important common living room and kitchen can now become a reality.
The Oranje Fonds is the biggest, national fund for social welfare. Each year about € 24 million is spent on organisations that promote involvement in commuities in the Netherlands, on Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles.  Through these contributions people meet each other or find a new home in the community. The Oranje Fonds is supported by, among others, the National Postcode Lottery. The Prince of Orange and Princess Màxima are patrons of the Oranje Fonds.