Breedeley project receives € 5.000 from the NutsOhra fund
The Breedley project has received € 5.000 financial support from the NutsOhra fund, a foundation with its roots in the Insurance sector in The Netherlands. The most important objective of this foundation is to support projects in the health sector financially.
The donation will be used to furnish the common living room and kitchen in the project. This area is considered to be the central point where the assistance and support will be given to te residents. Cooking and eating together at the end of the day will be the primary goal, but also having a cup of coffee or tea, watching TV, playing games, or just feeling at home in a comfortable and cosy setting are just few of the possibilities in this area.
The board of the Breedeley foundation, the parents and of course also the residents themselves thank the NutsOhra fund for this important contribution. The realisation of the common living room is again one step closer thanks to this donation.