NSGK supports the Breedeley project with 5000 euros.

NSGK is the abbreviation for Dutch Foundation for Disabled Children. From this foundation we received a financial contribution of 5000 euros. This amount will be spent to furnish the common living room. This room is intended for preparing and and eating meals together in a homely environment. Residents can also watch TV here, or have coffee or tea or just spend time together.
The board of the Breedeley foundation, parents and of course also the residents themselves are very grateful to NSGK for this contribution which is a big step in the realisation of their beautiful project.


“NSGK for the disabled child” helps children and young people with a handicap to live normally despite their restrictions. NSGK develops and supports hundreds of initiatives yearly, in the field of living, working, studies and leisure time – all being important for allround development. This is possible thanks to the support of many volunteers, donations and businesses, as NSGK is independent and does not receive any governemental subsidies. 

See:  www.nsgk.nl/algemeen/english