Concept for living accommodation with care provision.

The objective of the project is to offer the members of our group a form of living as independently as possible despite their restrictions. We want to try and achieve this by having them live in their “own” rental apartment, where care and support will be available from a professional institution. This care will consist of specific elements aimed at each individual and general support that is aimed at the entire group. For the latter it is desirable to have all members of the group together regularly. For this reason and purpose we have defined a common “living room” in our project, where the group members, assisted by the support crew, can cook and eat their meals, drink coffee and tea, watch TV, play games etc, etc. This “living room” has therefore the additional function of a meeting place and is in this way THE weapon against growing lonely and social isolation.

Considering the members of the group are classed as “slightly mentally handicapped”, it is very much a question if the budget for care and support that will be awarded by the Dutch National Insurance system will be sufficient for a 24 hour support system with someone  present in the building at all times. Perhaps this would be very desirable, as is experienced in many similar projects, but the financial burden of this option is very high. With a view to future developments and the constant pressure on budgets that is already evident right now, we should perhaps consider and investigate other options to provide round the clock supervision and possibilities to act instantly if required by the situation. (think eg. of epileptic attacks).

Together with an institution that exploits a home for the elderly, a plan has been developed for a new “sheltered accommodation” complex. In this complex room will be created for a separate apartment building for our group of youngsters and here it will be possible to call on the nursing staff in other parts of the complex during the night to receive instant (medial) care.
Our building will be separate form the other buildings in the complex and our group will be the only occupant, so that our youngsters do not get the idea that they have already now been admitted in a home for the elderly !!

Both with the institution providing care and support (Stichting Woon-Zorg Cetrum “De Breedonk”) and with the owner of the buildings in the complex (Woningbouwcorporatie Laurentius) agreements have been made about the future cooperation with our “Breedeley” project. Within these agreements we, as “Breedeley” get at our disposal the use of a building with 9 apartments of about 60 square meters each. On the ground floor, one apartment will be modified to serve as the common living room that ranks so high on our wish list and the other 8 apartments will be assigned to the members of our group.
This new project for living with the provision of care to be exploited by “De Breedonk” has by now become known as the “Molenstaete” project.    

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