Our first visit to our new homes !!

In October (2009) the construction of our building had progressed so much that we could go there for the first time to see “how it is going to be”.  With the construction supervisors it had been agreed that we could spend an hour in the building, together with our parents and other family members, so that we could really have a good look around.



Of course, in the first place in our own apartment, but then also the common living room and kitchen, the entrance hall, corridors, stairs and where the elevator will be. And then what the view from our own apartment will be like, how big the bedroom will be and the shower, and the kitchen; where the central heating radiators will be and a lot more. Also how big our balconies will be , where we will have the curtains, and our dining table and our sofa and where we can connect our TV.


 Yolande and Emilia, who will be on the ground floor, already had a good impression of their terrace and Pieternel’s balcony is so big that you should call it a roof garden. Well, everyone really enjoyed the time spent to get a good impression of how they wanted to furnish their new home. 





The viewing was such a big success that we went for a drink in a nearby restaurant so that we could still discuss it a little amongst ourselves and with our parents.  





Thereafter we went home to work out our ideas and our parents went to their meeting to have further discussions about a long list of issues to be settled before we move into the building. We are looking forward to that moment, currently planned for early second quarter 2010.