Breedeley is inhabited!!

Since the first days of April things have been moving fast. The inhabitants have gradually started to move into their apartments. But how much work has been done in the weeks prior to moving in! Everyone has been occupied in putting down floorcoverings, hanging curtains, receiving the delivery of their new furniture – or even making their own!! And of course a lot of cleaning, polishing, hoovering and window cleaning. The dust has not settled completely yet as the floorcovering in the corridors still has to be put in place, and, even worse, the road surface of the driveways has not been completed yet, so in order to reach the building you will have to drive through what looks like a muddy riverbed on your bike or in your car. All parents and others that have assisted in moving are now driving around in very muddy cars!

Unfortunately some problems did arise, like a small leak in the watersystem in Paul’s apartment – on the top floor of course, but to our relief nothing has leaked through the ceilings of Sanne and Yolande who live below him. More problems were encountered by van drivers delivering the furniture – they could not find the address of the Pels Rijckenpark…

But how beautiful everything has turned out, not just beautiful, but BEAUTIFUL!! Absolutely wonderful! All apartments are looking great. Everyone has been able to create an interior that suits him or her. Apartments in pink or in shades of blue, sometimes with brightly coloured furniture, with a lot of charming knick-knacks or just clean and minimalistic, very light and bright apartments or spacious with room to walk about. In short; everyone has made a home in which (s)he will feel very much at ease.

And what to say about the general living room with a head turner kitchen making many people really jealous. A large dining table with comfortable purple chairs – sounds crazy, but it really looks good! Adjacent a lounge area with a TV set and blueray player (hearhear!!). Once more we would like to thank our sponsors that have made building this living room possible (Oranjefonds, NutsOhra, NSGK voor het gehandicapte kind and Hélène de Montigny – see the menu item “Sponsors” on this site)

On April 1st (and this is not an Aprils fools joke) the support of the group providing care has started so the inhabitants can enjoy their evening meals in the living room. From that moment on the first inhabitants have moved in. At this moment they are all living in their apartments. 

In short, it was a good excuse for a party; not yet an official opening, that will take place when all building activities are really completed and the gardens set out, but a “transfer party”. The party marks the occasion that the building is handed over to its inhabitants but also, as the project’s chairman (Martien) put it, the moment that the parents hand over the care for their children to the team of professionals that will run Breedeley.

Of course everyone wanted to see each others apartments, so a lot of tours of the building were held spontaneously. 

Only parents and siblings of the inhabitants had been invited to this private party as were the employees providing the care, the Breedeley project’s management and the director of care centre “DeBreedonk” who will also manage the “Molenstaete” complex of which Breedeley is a part. He marked the occasion by presenting a beautiful planter for the living room’s terrace. This almost went wrong too, as the florist could not find the address…



Finally the inhabitants contributed their part by setting off balloons into the skies above their new homes. The balloons stayed nicely together for a long time as they moved over the city, thus symbolizing that the participants are a tightly knit group, now living in the Breedeley building.