Structural work

After the fantastic party we had driving the 1st pile of our apartment building, the real construction started. According to planning the complex should be ready by early 2010 en we should be able to start living in our new apartments by week 10 of 2010. That’s an easy date to remember!! Until the summer holiday season of 2008 mostly prefabrication activities took place and there was really nothing to be seen at the building site. From the summer period onwards the activities were mainly digging in sewage systems, providing water and electricity main connections and of course piling. In this period you could see a lot of hard work being put into the project; heaps of sand appearing in one place and a few days having moved elsewhere, but buildings …..  nowhere in sight.    


The beautiful row of old trees will remain and shall be spared during construction.


What could be seen is big pits appearing everywhere indicating where the buildings will be erected; concrete floors and foundation, with PVC pipes sticking out everywhere.




























During the winter the walls were put up. Everything moved up in a higher gear. Within a week a complete floorlevel had suddenly appeared at several places on the site. This went on  for some time. A few weeks later a second floor followed. First at one building and then at the next.




The site was of course too dangerous to be visited during construction activities, but from the nearby parking of the adjacent buildings one could have a good view and take good pictures with a telelens.






We could soon see where the entrance of our building was going to be and where the window of Sanne’s living room was and also that of Michael. And the huge balcony of Pieternel. Also the apartments of Yolande and Of Emilia on the ground floor were clearly identifiable.



The windows of our common living room were quite visible as was the entrance of our bicycle “garage” and the storage room for our garbage containers.

Again a few weeks later, the third floor of our building and the roof was there . Thank goodness we now saw the apartments of  Carola and Robert and Paul. They are now really there!!

The site is bustling with activity, so it is difficult to have a good overview from outside the boundaries, but nevertheless the photographs give a good impression of the progress.  The news came from construction management that they are running ahead of schedule with the apartments and will finalize construction perhaps already round about the New Year. Perhaps it is going to be earlier than week 10, 2010 that we can move in…….. Who knows !!



The pictures in this article were made by Paul