Official opening of Breedeley

Since the beginning of April, when the Group members moved into their apartments the necessary final touch issues have been addressed. Carpeting of the corridors has been laid and has hidden the bare concrete floors, landscaping of the complex has been completed and corridors and stairways have been decorated with pictures of windmills. The entire complex of which our building is just one, is called Molenstaete, meaning Mill estate, hence the connection with windmills.

All initial reactions from residents, their parents and the support team have fortunately been positive, sometimes very positive! The residents have got used to their new environment quickly and form a nice group having lots of fun together – this is something which the support team had already noticed at the start and shows that all efforts in this field made in the past are paying out now!

Now that the project has been running for a while and residents have grobewoners
schieten confettipijlen afwn accustomed to their new surroundings, it was time to officially open the building. A special committee was formed to organize festivities,which took place in the grand café of Molenstaete, where group members, support team, family, friends and acquaintences could join in with the governors of Breedeley as well as the governors of deBreedonk, (the institution providing care and support to the entire complex) could celebrate the fact that the project has started successfully. Residents themselves performed the official        kick off , by lighting “confetti flares”.

toespraak voorzitterPrior to this “firework” the chairman of the institution presented a short overview of the 10 year preparation period which had now been closed. He thanked MEE West Brabant for their enormous and professional efforts, deBreedonk for their willingness to cooperate with us in this “adventure” of a special carehome for young people; the owner of the complex for making available a special common room where the residents can prepare and eat their meals and enjoy each other’s company and all those many others who have in some way contributed to realising this dream of a project, which has now become reality; and last but certainly not least the support team who are providing shape and structure to  Breedeley


A special word of honour and thanks was addressed to the sponsors, who unfortunately had not been able to  join our party to see for themselves how their donations have contributed to a more than beautiful common room.


On the day itself their flags were displayed prominently from a balcony of the building; a permanent momento of their contribution and our gratitude is found in the entrance hall of the building where shields with their logo’s have been fixed on the wall next to the front door.

zorgmanager van

After this historical overview of the creation of Breedeley, mr Lucieer – manager care and support of  deBreedonk- gave a bird’s view presentation of what is offered in terms of care and support within the entire Molenstaete project of which Breedeley forms part.

After this the moment had arrived at which the Breedeley residents performed their opening act with the confetti fireworks mentioned earlier. But, that was not all. They had decided to add something

toespraak van Emilia

special to this occasion. To everyone’s surprise Emilia  took the stage and announced to all guests that all residents had contributed to a work of art to commemorate the opening of their building. This piece of art would find a place on the wall of their common room. Paul and Jaap brought in a large object, hidden under a large blanket. It was unveiled by all group members together and appeared to

be a composition of 8 paintings; everyone had made his or her own composition. Guessing who made what started immediately and was not too difficult for those who know the group members well. Cake belongs to Pieternel, boats to het kunstwerk van de bewonersPaul, tools to Jaap and Mediterranean colours to Yolande, the sun to Emilia and chocolates to Carola, the bicycle to Sanne and the composition in green to Robert.





opweg en terug naar BreedeleyThereafter the Breedeley building, a short walk away,  was visited in small groups, led by the residents who proudly showed their guests the building, their apartments and the common room. The other guests could wait for their turn to visit the building in the grand café, enjoying a chat while having a glass of wine or juice and  marvelous snacks that were being served.




Residents with their families and the support team finished the day - a beautiful sunny evening -  on the terrace of their common room with a well earned barbecue.