Robert van de Steene


I was born in 1969. During the last 2 years I lived on my own in an apartment, but things didn’t go well with me. I had fits (epileptic attacks). For some time I lived with my mother and after that I went to the Hans Berger clinic.

Recently I started living in a group with 3 other men in Princenhage. In the future I will live in Breedeley, with that group we have already made many nice outings.

Several times we have been out eating together. We have been to Blijdorp (Rotterdam) zoo, we went ten pin bowling and just recently we went to the bakery museum in Oosterhout. I really liked it very much with nice people all of them. I really look forward to live together with them in the future.

Yes, everyone in his own apartment, but eating together in a cosy living room and drinking coffee together and watching TV. Great, “Our Breedeley”.

My hobbies are: Watching films on DVD. Lots of Walt Disney, Pietje Bell, Harry Potter, also old Swiebertje films, Yes nurse, no nurse, The Sheepdog’s diary, etc. Also I like listening to music, by radio and CD’s. I play with the computer and I walk a lot.