My name is Paul Braber and I was born in Breda in 1977

I work in a car repair company. I like working there because it is nice to see how damaged cars arrive and how they leave us looking like new after we reapired them. Sometimes I am allowed to return the cars of our clients to their home or to a dealer.

I also like to go sailing, skiing or ice skating.

My hobby is photography.

From the 3rd of April 2010 I live on my own within the Breedley group and I am very happy there. I keep my own appartment tidy and prepare my own breakfast and lunch.  We eat supper together with the other members of our group in our common room.

I like living here very much, we do nice things together, we play games in the evening, sometimes we go out and sometimes we go cycling.

What I would like to do more is:
- go cycling together with the whole group, if possible a whole day
- go to the cinema or to a theatre together
- do something nice unexpectedly.