I am 29 years old now. I now already live at Breedeley for almost three years. I am very happy there; we get on very well together. With 7 other people we share this building. I have an apartment on the 2nd floor, which has a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom From my livingroom I can see the the communal garden and from my balcony I look at the flats opposite mine. Apart from all of the 8 of us having our own apartment, we also share a cosy common room downstairs. There we eat together in the evening, watch television or play games. Our coaches are normally with us in the cmmon room and are always ready to help us. They also go shopping with us, or we go on an evening stroll together, we sometimes cook together or we play games.

Hobbies: I go to fitness once a week and once every fortnight I go to a club together with Sanne.

Music: I like "Blof", Roel van Velzen, Phil Collins, Elvis Presley, and Hard Core house

Work: I work 3 days a week at C 1000, a supermarket chain. It will be combined with Jumbo supermarkets. My work consists of filling up the boxes in the semi-fresh department.

TV programs: Many dutch programs like "Good times, Bad times", "Man bites dog", "Who is the Traitor" and "Cops Maastricht".

Holidays: "Sheltered" holidays or a holiday to the US with my parents (this and also the influence of my uncle and aunt is why I am so fond of Elvis Presley)

Favourite food: Macaroni with tomato sauce and garlic, but also French fries.