October 30, 2012: On Friday. October 26th, family and friends of the inhabitants were invited for an evening of games in the community lounge. There was coffee with biscuits and cakes for everyone and the atmosphere was nice and relaxed. Some pictures of this evening are in the fotoalbum under the item "inloopavond".


December 30, 2011: Short reports of two days out earlier in the year have been added to the chapter "Experience".  These are "Weelend in Zeeland" and "Canal tour (rondvaart) in Den Baosch". Pictures of these days out are in the foto gallerie


January 12, 2011: New contributions of the inhabitants have been added to the "Inhabitant's Blog"


September 3, 2010: The building was officially opened on July 17. A report of this occasion has been published in the menu "project / construction phase. Read more


July 19, 2010: On July 17th, the building of the Breedeley foundation was officially openend. An impression of this event can be seen in the picture gallery under "opening".


April 6, 2010: Breedeley is inhabited!! On Saturday April 3, a party of transfer was held to mark the operational start of the project. Read more


March 4, 2010: The pictures of the group visiting the building site appeared to be unavailable in the picture gallery; our apologies. They are available for viewing now.


February 11, 2010: The new member of the group and future inhabitant of Breedeley, Jaap Witkamp, introduces himself. Read more


January 25, 2010: In the local newspaper BN / de Stem an article on the Breedeley project and the finanacial suport of the Oranjefonds has been published. Read more


January 25, 2010: The future inhabitants have visited the building site; building is reaching completion. Read more


January 12, 2010: The sponsors that have conrtributed to the project are introduced in the menu "Sponsors". 


November 24, 2009: Some participants of the future inhabitants of the project have been invited to visit the Harderwijk Dolphinariun by the Ronnie Tober foundation. Read more


May 22, 2009: Structural work is in progress. Read more


December 19, 2008: The first pile has been sunk into the groud. Read more