An evening at the dolphinarium

The Ronnie Tober Foundation had invited the group to an evening in the dolphinarium and so Michael, Sanne, Carola and Paul left for Harderwijk together with a father and a mother of one of them. Taking the congested traffic into consideration they left early and arrived with ample time left.

The gates opened at 6 pm. At the entrance our group’s picture was taken. Then we were told that we could get chips, snacks (“kroket”), tiny pancakes (“poffertjes”) and drinks for free!! That really was a treat!
Using the sitemap we walked through the park and visited the walruses first. Just a little further down the path the Dolphins were already performing their show. We managed to find good seats along the lake. The Dolphins jumped  high out of the water and even pulled a boat carrying a little girl.
We also had time to see the sea lions in a comic show.

At 9 pm all visitors and accompanying volunteers were invited into the large auditorium. Everyone was given a little heart on a string and an ice cream. There were over two thousand people in the auditorium – handicapped children, attendants and volunteers. The hearts appeared to have lights inside and everyone was asked to light them up. The main lights went out and the little hearts shone in a variety of colours – what a wonderful sight!!

Then Ronnie Tober (a dutch singer / entertainer) appeared on stage and we all cheered and gave him a big round of applause. As he sang his cheerful songs, many people joined in.

After his performance time had come for the grand finale. Another spectacular dolphin show! You could see that both trainers and dolphins were really enjoying themselves.

On departure we got a copy of our group’s picture and also a bag with little presents.
It was really late, past midnight, when we all got home, but everyone agreed that it was worth it and that we had been on a wonderful evening out.