Camping weekend at Biezenmortel

The group of future inhabitants of “The Breedeley” have recently spent a camping weekend on a farm to prepare for their future together.

Friday afternoon 17 hours: The first members of the group arrive at the farm “de Zandkant” in Biezenmortel (a small village in the province of Brabant) . Unfortunately, Carola is ill and she can’t come this weekend.
After sorting out the luggage and waving goodbye to their parents everyone is looking for a place in the dormitories. When the bags are unpacked and a bed has been chosen everyone turns up for a drink and a chat, while the coaches for this weekend find their way to the kitchen to start preparing a meal. Fortunately, Peter has a lot of experience cooking for large groups of people, as it is a major organisational task with these large pans and lots of food!! The Boerenkool (typical dutch countryside dish) is delicious and after dinner we have set out to explore the farm. There were cows, sheep with lambs, horses and a dog. After exploring the surroundings we did some games to get to learn each other better. Also we chatted a lot during the evening and played all sorts of games and some of us wrote in their diaries. It was rather late before we had all gone to bed.

After a short but quiet night (except for those that snored) everyone started the day cheerfully and a nice breakfast was awaiting us. In the meantime, a “bicycle train” had been delivered. A train????, yes one in which you sit side by side and in which you have to pedal to move. The theme of this morning was “Air”. We cycled in our train through the dunes to Giersbergen where we had a drink and some apple cake or a local delicacy called “Udenhoutse broeder”. During the trip we did some tasks and we suddenly we fond some photographs……….

After lunch unfortunately the weather turned bad and we had to wear our raincoats. Our train was shortened and with lots of effort, cycling, pushing and pulling we managed to move the train through the muddy sand tracks of the dunes. This afternoon’s theme was “Earth” and we constructed a signal with various items we found in nature. Also during this task we again found some photographs…….. Suddenly it became clear that these were photographs of some of us but they had been cut in 2 halves.

Thanks to a lot of cooperation the train arrived safely at the farm and everyone needed some rest and a little drink. After thorough investigation of the pieces of the photographs, it indeed seemed that we found the photographs of some of us, but…. it was not complete; who was on it and who was not?? After working this out we played some games, read something, chatted and the coaches disappeared into the kitchen again to prepare an evening meal. We had delicious pasta and after dinner it was time for our camp-fire.
The theme of the evening was “Fire”. Not only did we have a professional fire, we also prepared some twigs on which we stuck marsh mallows, apples, and even bread which could then be baked in the fire. Some of us enjoyed the fire until late and saw the beautiful starry sky, others went inside and played some games, or had something to drink. Also this time it was going to be a short night.!

After an even shorter, but also quieter night than the first night a real Sunday morning breakfast was waiting for us. It was a nice and warm sunny morning. After breakfast the theme “Water” started. With a tractor which pulled a big flat car, we went to the location for our task. It was quite a climb to get on the car and also to get off again. Some of us needed a ladder. After a short ride we came to a small pool. The task was to get everyone to the other side with a boat and a rope and …. without getting wet. After discussing how we were going to do that and trying it out, we managed to get everyone safely to the other side and of course, we had lots of fun doing it. Mission accomplished!! And oh yes…. also here we found a couple of photographs…. It still wasn’t clear how many photographs still had to be found.

After our final lunch the last task was planned; making a painting together for our future home. There was a lot of talking and ideas were flying across the room. Ultimately we took a decision and the outline of the painting started to appear. Between the brushes, the paint and all other necessities we again found some photographs and at the end all pieces turned out to be complete. Of each group member we had a photograph in 2 pieces and everyone had been found and complete. Halfway our painting unfortunately we had to stop as time was running out. The painting will be completed some other time. It was time for a final drink and a final task. In our feed back we all agree it had been a super weekend and we really wouldn’t mind coming back another time!! But then with the complete group because it was a pity that Carola was there this time.

After welcoming the parents we had a short while to tell them what we had been doing and then we all went home… tired !