Welcome to the site of the Breedeley Foundation (“Stichting Woonvorm Breedeley”).
On this site you will find information about our project in the city of Breda, The Netherlands, which aims to provide a protected living environment (accommodation where care is provided) to a group of young people with a slight mental handicap. The parents of this group of young people have met each other through the mediation of the “Social Pedagogical Service”, which is now simply called “MEE West Brabant”. After a period of getting acquainted, these parents have decided to join forces and create living facilities for their children in which they will be provided with specific care that will compensate their shortcomings and enable them to face the future as independently as is achievable. 
On the following pages you will find more detail on the following subjects:
-         Objectives of the project
-         Development of the project
o       Background thoughts
o       Design and construction phase
o       Provision of care
-         Participants
-         News and Progress
There will also be information about:
-         Sponsorship
-         Financial matters
-         Contact information
-         Photo album
-         Links to service and other relevant organisations
The project is supported financially by:



Hélène de Montigny foundation